Kingfisher Bay Resort and Eurong Beach Resort: "Fluke" of Nature

Whale watching is one of the world's great natural experiences and nowhere is it as alluring as in the calm waters of Hervey Bay. Every year thousands of humpback whales travel from Antarctica along the east coast of Australia to give birth in the warm waters of Northern Queensland. On their return migration they stop to rest and play and nurture their calves in the safe waters of Hervey
Bay in the protected lee of Fraser Island.

The official season splashes down in early August with the traditional blessing of the fleet. It’s a great quirk of nature to see these huge 40,000kg whales leap out of the ocean, lift their great heads, salute with their flukes and treat onlookers to some amazing water acrobatics with a flick of their tails.

For holidaymakers travelling to the Fraser Coast, there is the added bonus of the World Heritage-listed Fraser Island on the doorstep so whale watchers can combine the best nature has to offer with a visit to the island, all in the one holiday.