Cool Dingo Tours: Ground Control To Major Tom - Mikes Aussie Adventure - Day 2 Cool Dingo

Canadian Mike Wenzlawe continues his adventures with us on stunning Fraser Island - Queensland. 21 May 2011

Hello Beautiful People!

I am absolutely loving Australia so far, it is such a astonishing place that is so different than anything else.

The people are fantastic, extremely kind and have the coolest accents that are beginning to rub off on me. I find that as each day passes I start sounding more and more Aussie…Kind of…not really.

Well without further a due, lets jump into what I did on day two!

Day Two: Almost too much adventure for one day
I had an early start on the day today and was on the bus by 8:00 AM. We were told it is because of the amount of activities and stops we were going to do that day, I soon found out this was an understatement. After a bumpy 45-minute drive through the sand-trail roads of Fraser Island we reached the vast and soft sand of the beach, the Seventy-Five Mile Beach to be exact.

The drive on this beach highway was incredible; the bus was so close to the ocean edge I could see every bright blue wave crash into the sandy shore right in front of me.

First stop of the day was one of my favourite places on the tour, they are called The Champagne Pools and are a photo opportunity to say the least. The Champagne Pools get their name from the bubbly white wash that trickles into the rock cove as the ocean waves pound into the rock. After having a swim and float in these pools we were back on the bus to make our way to Indian Head.

The historical landmark was said to be a place where pioneers sailing around the coast spotted Aboriginal inhabitants. Needless to say this rocky headland birthed spectacular endless views of the coastline. It was also said to be common for people to spot sharks, dolphins, turtles and even humpback whales from this vantage point, unfortunately I was not so lucky this time.

After a short drive along the beach we stopped next to a small 7-passenger plane with the words Air Fraser Island along the side. The pilot, named Tom stepped on the bus and began asking who would like to take an areal tour of Fraser Island. As I boarded the plane, camera in hand I felt a rush of anticipation and excitement rush over me. Tom wasted no time and before I knew it I was speeding down the beach and taking off into the stunning blue sky! We toured the island from a birds-eye view; flying over all of the wonderful places I had stopped giving me an unforgettable perspective of the island below.

Tom made the ride very exciting by explaining different facts about the island, pointing out landmarks and of course doing gut wrenching aerial manoeuvres. About 15 minutes later we started coming down to land, after overtaking a bus that was racing closer and closer to our runway we softly touched down on the beach we had taken off from. This was a truly amazing experience and I recommend it to anyone touring Fraser Island!

Next stop on the list was the Maheno Shipwreck, a large vessel that is shrouded in a vast history. This ship was washed on shore by a cyclone in 1935 while it was being transported to Japan to be retired; now the beast lay dormant on the ocean shore. Just a hop, skip and a jump away we arrived at the last stop on our tour, Eli Creek.

Another one of my favourite stops, Eli Creek showcases Fraser Island's vast topography and water systems. Eli Creek is a vein of fresh water that snakes from the inland to the salty ocean. The wonderful thing about the creek is that you can walk up it via a wooden catwalk or you can throw on your swim suit and walk up in the creek itself (my choice).

The experience while walking through the stream was simply magical with the overhanging trees and bathtub temperature water. The coolest thing about the creek though is once you get to the end (about 500 meters) you sit down and float back down to the mouth of the creek while taking in the beauty of the forest around you. I did this a few times and then it was time to go back to the resort.

Luckily we got back to the resort in time to grab a seat on the beach and watch a beautiful sunset. Once back I showered and got ready for dinner at the Dingo Bar. Tonight I was extremely happy because it was pizza and pasta night! After dinner the group and I sat down for a couple of beers and games. Everyone was beyond tired from the day so after a little dancing and drinking I went back to my room to write a post for you guys! Tomorrow is my last day on Fraser Island and I am already excited for what we will be doing, I’ll give you a hint, it has to do with a lot of sand and I have my first wildlife encounter!

Well everyone I wish you were all here and look out for my next post coming soon!!! To follow Mike's adventures on Fraser Island and the rest of Queensland visit his blog: