Fraser Island Day 1 with Lauren and Fiona

GUEST BLOG: Lauren and Fiona are two British backpackers who are blogging about their time 'down under' on the Travelpod website. We stumbled across their entries on their time with Cool Dingo on Queensland's gorgeous Fraser Island and wanted to share their experience with you. (August 2012).

Day 1: We woke up very bright and early to be picked up by Cool Dingo tours at 7:20am, and were taken via coach to the marina at River Heads to catch the ferry over to Fraser Island! Fiona, of course, had her travel sickness pills, and we luckily made it over to the island without any sick involved! Hurrah!

Wild times on the world's largest sand island.
When on dry land, we met the rest of our tour group (21 of us in total) and our guide for the next few days - Damien. We got right on our way to our first stop - Lake Mckenzie. We had tea and cookies (well, most people, Lauren & Laura included, had cookies.. Fiona wasn't allowed.. dam nut allergy), and then headed down to the lake. It was GORGEOUS. We stripped down to our bikinis and sunned ourselves on the lovely soft white sand, and had a little bit of a splash (not a full swim though, the water was far too cold!). We were there for a good hour or so before then being treated to a big buffet lunch, in a special "dingo-safe zone".

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From Lake Mckenzie, we then went to another lake (Basin Lake) which was equally as stunning, but we weren't allowed to go in the water there. So it was just a quick 'photo op' stop before then moving on to Pile Valley, where we did two 45-minute walks through the forrest, which was a great time to start to get to know other people on our tour. We also all stopped to hug 'Big Jim', one of the biggest Satinay trees in that area, which would apparently give us good luck!

Lake McKenzie is pretty special all year round!
After our walks, it was then time to head back to our resort to claim our luggage and settle into our wood-cabin style lodges, which would be our home for the next couple of days. We all got freshened up and then gathered in the lounge, where we played Ring of Fire.. yes, before we even had dinner. Hardcore! Ha. It was a fairly relaxed game though (apart for one guy, Mark, who somehow managed to drink a good amount of goon..), as we then did head down for food.. and it was Mexican night. Fajitas and chilli con carne, absolute feast

8pm signalled the start of happy hour, so we got a couple of jugs of cocktails to share, and enjoyed a good dance! Fiona also took part in the karaoke.. most people doing the karaoke sounded..hmm.. 'interesting', to put it nicely!! So we were glad when it stopped and we could dance again! The DJ also pandered to our needs, and played a LOT of Skrillex. The crazy moves came out.

We boogied the night away until about 10pm (yep, really hardcore) before heading to bed, excited about what the next day on Fraser Island would hold!

Read Lauren and Fiona's original blog.  More adventures to come soon!