Marvin and Chris Discover Fraser Island

GUEST BLOG: Boomerang Reisen backpackers Marvin and Chris travelled more than 14,000 kilometres from Germany to Australia on a trip of a lifetime.  They recently joined us on a two-day Cool Dingo Tour - as part of their Australian east coast adventure.  Here's their story...

We are sitting in the car travelling around 800 kilometres to get to Airlie Beach (in Tropical North Queensland) which means we have enough time to blog about our amazing adventures on Fraser Island from the last few days.

Sunday morning and our first thought was Mother Nature's revenge!  We woke in a very unpleasant way, heavy rain lashing down on the roof of our Juicy Camper. Maybe that was payback for us complaining about our first and so far only rainfall during our otherwise rather sunny trip.

However, we were still very excited and got ready for our Cool Dingo Tour bright and early.  At our check in at the River Heads Mainland Terminal in Hervey Bay we were welcomed in a very friendly manner and  parked our Camper in their secure car parking facilities, before jumping on the ferry to Fraser Island ready for our adventure on the world's largest sand island.

The very enthusiastic Ranger Les!
On arrival we were welcomed by a very happy Ranger called Les- our guide for the next two days. We couldn't have asked for a better tour guide. Les has travelled all over Australia and has been working on Fraser Island for a few years.

After some quick information about the largest sand island in the world we were on our way to our first stop in the Cool Dingo Tour vehicle: Lake McKenzie. And we soon realised why one can only travel on the island by 4WD. The 'roads' which lead towards the inland of the island and take you through tight overgrown forests - they really were a real highlight, which everyone has to experience! The drive felt like a roller coaster and now we know why we were told to make use of those secure seat belts in the vehicle.

However our tour guide Les led us in a more than perfect, secure and professional manner through the heavy terrain. Not that easy when the width of the vehicle and the road are almost the same. Lake McKenzie is a spectacular fresh water lake with the most crystal-clear water and the purest and smoothest sand we have ever seen. And we were given enough time to play and have fun at and in Lake McKenzie!

This was followed by time for snacks and talks where we were given lots of information about the island.

Lake McKenzie viewed from Air Fraser Island
More highlights followed during the first day of our tour: Central Station, the former central living point for the people living on the island. Lunch was followed by half an hour walk through the island's rainforest - with a very picturesque creek. We were able to see and hear many different types of birds: A must for bird lovers!

Once we finished our walk, we were greeted by Les who took us to our accommodation for the night - Kingfisher Bay Resort's Wilderness Lodges. Each lodge has got a common kitchen area and separate bedrooms and bathrooms. Since we have shared beds for quite a few nights we were happy to have a bed to ourselves again. After a nice and fresh shower we were ready for Fraser Island's famous Dingo Bar, where Les was waiting with dinner. As you can see there was no shortage of food and we had almost as much today as we had during our first two weeks of our trip. Thanks to the wonderful hospitality we did not miss a thing!

After dinner Les chatted about his quite adventurous life in a campfire like atmosphere which was very charming and funny. With some drinks together with the rest of the group we ended our first great day on the island.  However the second day was full of adventures too... and we can't wait to share them with you.