Hallelujah! The Humpbacks Are Here!

FRASER ISLAND: Mother Nature has given us some good, late, high tides of late, which are perfect for those that want an afternoon fish and some great beach driving on the world's largest sand island.

We've had reports of bream, flathead and whiting plus the swallowtail dart are always around.

Humpback Whales have been spotted on the east coast. Image by Troy Geltch, from Air Fraser Island.

Our beach pilots have spotted the first of the humpback whales over Fraser Island and have spotted sharks chasing some huge schools of fish.

And remember, if you're stuck for bait ideas - you can't go wrong with Fraser Island beach worms. If you're not quick of hand, we've got some frozen in the General Store over at Eurong Beach.

Happy fishing folks.

John 'Wilko' Wilkins is the Resort Manager at Eurong Beach Resort and a mad keen fisherman.
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