Fraser Fishing With Wilko

FRASER ISLAND: Last weekend wasn't particularly flash for those brave souls fishing the eastern beach. We had a couple of mentions of good sized stubnose dart (oyster eaters to some) being caught in deep gutters on the incoming tides south of Eurong Beach Resort.

Locals venturing over to the western side have mentioned some good sized fish - suspected large trevally - that "got away" on the mid tide in.

Pic Cody Doucette, The Matador Network.

There's also mention of tailor being caught off the eastern beach... and as soon the north westerly wind return, we will see them in large schools just off the beach. Good luck to all that are wetting their lines this week.

For those heading over from Wanggoolba, some solid rainfall has hardened the tracks nicely, making for easy access for all 4WDs around the island.

John 'Wilko' Wilkins is the Resort Manager at Eurong Beach Resort and a mad keen fisherman.