Sparkling Champagne, Fantastic Driving And The Annual Tailor Weigh-in

FRASER ISLAND: The Champagne Pools looked amazing over the weekend and there were plenty of people there to enjoy them and to take advantage of the excellent driving conditions on the inland tracks.  We are also starting to see lots of humpback whales off shore - splashing and jumping around in calmer looking seas this week.

Air Fraser spots some migrating Humpbacks off Fraser's east coast.  Pic by Troy Geltch
I have been up north in the past few days with lots of fisherman and people having a go at pulling some beach worms between Happy Valley and north of Dundaburra. Pulling worms is a real art form and fish just love them as bait. Don't despair if you can't pull a worm to save yourself as we sell them in our General Store.

We're also seeing plenty of beach worms being pulled out the front of Eurong on the afternoon low tides and we are expecting some good afternoon fishing when the tide is on the turn and with no wind at all.

Locals are starting the hit the beach fishing with some good reports of bream and whiting, but the tailor are being very quiet at the moment. Eurong guests have also been wetting a line or two out the front of the resort in the afternoon, which is always great to see.

For those amateur fishers who head to Fraser around this time every year, don't forget about the Annual Tailor Season Weigh-In, which the resort is a proud sponsor. Fresh tailor can be weighed daily at the Fraser Island Retreat at Happy Valley. Entry is $5, there are great prizes to be won and funds raised at the event go towards supporting the operating costs of the Care Flight Rescue helicopter - a super worthy cause.

And with more people on the beaches for the holidays, comes this friendly warning from the local Fraser Coast Chronicle paper.

Here at Eurong Beach, we say enjoy your holiday, stay safe on the tracks and we'll keep fishing to bring ya island updates as they happen.

Cheers, Wilko (and Zoe).

John 'Wilko' Wilkins is the Resort Manager at Eurong Beach Resort and a mad keen fisherman.
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