Blue skies and beach fishing- Tailor season on Fraser Island

Fraser Island's 75 Mile Beach is the perfect
spot to wet a line during tailor season
Winter is coming and on 75-Mile Beach that means one thing: tailor season.

Each year massive schools of tailor head north to breed in the warmer waters off Fraser Island. From June to November keen anglers from all over Australia can be found dotted along the shoreline, taking advantage of some of Queensland’s best beach fishing conditions.

 The tales of tailor fishing on Fraser Island are the stuff of fishing legend, and this season promises to be no different with reports of locals reeling in 72cm catches near Eurong. While most keen fishermen will keep their cards pretty close to their chest, the most commonly used bait is pillies,

With the first few tailor of the season arriving in recent weeks, numbers will steadily build over the coming months reaching peak fishing season during September and October along the island’s northern regions.

Of course, we humans aren’t the only species looking to make a meal out of tailor season, a small fresh tailor can also be used as bait to attract larger fish, with good-sized mackerel often found in the area during tailor season.

Prize catch during tailor season on Fraser Island

As it is breeding season, bag and size limits do apply and there are restrictions between Indian Head north to Waddy Point in place from August 1 to 30 September each year to allow the fish stocks to naturally replenish.

While there’s nothing quite like the musty combination of salt air, fish guts and beer to make your fishing trip complete - even the most seasoned anglers will admit after a long day fishing there are few things better than a great feed and a hot shower.

If you’re searching for the ideal place to base yourself on Fraser, there are few better than Eurong Beach Resort. With hot buffet meals, two bars, a bakery, a general store full of supplies and great room rates, it offers all the comforts of home – and a chance to watch the footy- without the hassle of camping.
Eurong Beach Resort is the perfect base for a fishing trip on Fraser

Positioned right on the beachfront of 75-Mile Beach, Eurong is a great place to relax and swap a few stories and- if you’re lucky- pick up a couple of tips from the locals,  It’s also a perfect hub for any 4WD adventure, offering easy access to Fraser Island’s most popular spots (and few lesser known gems).

So if you’re gearing up for your annual pilgrimage to Queensland’s home of tailor fishing, grab your mates, your rods and some bait and make tracks to Eurong Beach Resort, on Fraser Island.