A month of new discoveries on Fraser Island

It’s been a month full of new discoveries here on Fraser Island. Earlier this month researchers discovered what is believed to be Australia’s longest living dingo right here on the world’s largest sand island.
Recent research has found that dingoes on Fraser are happy and healthy

The dingo, aged 13 years old, was discovered as part of a long-term study by researchers from the University of Southern Queensland. The same study found that there are approximately 100 to 200 dingoes living on Fraser at any given time, and despite their ‘skinny’ build, the population of Fraser Island’s most iconic species actually weigh more on average than their cousins on the mainland.

The same study looked at what dingoes typically ate, and the short answer is almost anything. From fish to bandicoots, to beached whales, even skinks and insects; the study found that dingoes will chew on just about anything- including one case that discovered an iPod, beer and soft drink cans.

This 'Oddish'-looking creature and his friends
have been discovered all over Fraser Island
One of the more surprising discoveries for researchers were evidence that  eastern grey kangaroos, feral pigs and even wild horses showed up on the menu which leads us to our next discovery; that brumbies that are also still believed to be living on the northern parts of the island.
Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service confirmed that brumbies had been filmed on motion activated cameras that were set up around the island to monitor dingo behaviour.

The species was reportedly introduced to the island during the 1800s and were targeted for removal by the Environmental Protection Agency in early the 2000s. For the last 10 years it was assumed there were no horses left on the island- until the footage was discovered by park rangers in 2014.

Another species being caught on camera by recent visitors to Fraser Island is seemingly easier to catch than the wild brumbies- and definitely easier to find! Yes, Pokemon have invaded Fraser Island - with the animated creatures popping up everywhere from Eurong Beach Resort, to Kingfisher Bay Resort, even emerging on the Fraser Island barge!

The whales are ready to play in the calm waters off Fraser Island
The final discovery was the welcome arrival of the first pods of southern right humpback whales that have come to enjoy their annual holiday in the calm waters off Fraser Island.
Mothers have been arriving into Hervey Bay to feed their calves and enjoy some “down time”, while juveniles are ready to party and socialise. 
Pods will stay and play in Hervey Bay before they start their southern migration back towards Antarctica in October.

There’s always something new to discover on the island, and with dingo pups on the way around September, tailor season running through to November and more than 1500 kilometres of sandy tracks to explore, you’ll make discover a million reasons all of your own to fall in love with Fraser.