Need a digital detox? Here's the best places to switch off and kick back on Fraser Island

Summer is just weeks away and with it comes the end of another busy year. The weather warms up and deadlines start looming, kids finish school, Christmas decorations appear in shopping centres and car parks get more chaotic as we sprint to the end of the marathon. 

In an age were we can take our work home in our pocket, and we spend our down time tweeting, texting, emailing colleagues and joking with friends- a digital detox can be a great way to recharge your own batteries, not just those on your phone. 

If the idea of an idyllic island escape sounds enticing, check out some of the most sensational places on Fraser Island where you can switch off, kick back and relax.

1. Wanggoolba Creek, Central Station

Fraser Island's "silent creek"- Wanggoolba Creek
This crystal clear freshwater creek runs through the rugged heart of Fraser Island. Surrounded by the pristine rainforest at Central Station, Wanggoolba Creek is one of the most incredibly soothing sights to visit. 

Sitting back and listening to the calls of the thousands of bird species that call Fraser Island home, you'll notice the absence of a familiar sound- running water. 

While most rivers and creeks have a hard bed of rocks, water in Wanggoolba Creek runs over a base of sand creating an alluring silent creek. The absence of this familiar sound makes you appreciate the tranquil silence all the more. 

2. Lake Birrabeen 

Lake Birrabeen isn't as well known as Lake McKenzie- but just as beautiful
With its gorgeous white sand beaches and crystal clear water that falls from the sky, Lake Birrabeen is often confused for the better known sister- Lake McKenzie. 

As the undeniable jewel in the Fraser Island crown, Lake McKenzie is a must-visit destination but if you're looking for an equally picturesque spot to relax and unwind, and you've got access to a 4WD, Lake Birrabeen is the perfect spot for a gorgeous lake-side retreat. 

Breathtaking: Stonetool sandblow on Fraser Island
3. Stonetool sandblow

Perhaps one of the most powerful, and lesser known landscapes on Fraser Island, Stonetool sandblow is an active mobile blow which has covered a forest. 

Taking its name from the Aboriginal stone tools which were found in the area, visitors to the sandblow can now see the ancient forest being uncovered as the sand continues to move across the island. 

4. Champagne Pools 

Champagne Pools - Fraser Island 

While Fraser Island is well known for it's incredible fresh water lakes and creeks, for travellers who want to enjoy a great beach drive, there's a third, equally incredible spot to take a dip... Champagne Pools. 

These natural rock pools sit right on the beach near Indian Head at the northern end of Seventy-Five Mile Beach. As the waves break onto the surrounding rocks and fills the shallow pools, the water fizzes like a jacuzzi- or a glass of 
champagne, hence the unique 
name given to this iconic 
Fraser Island swimming spot. 

5. Indian Head
Indian Head- Fraser Island

With spectacular golden beaches stretching as far as the eye can see and an amazing array of marine life including whales, turtles, sharks and rays to be seen swimming in the turquoise waters below, there are few more breath-taking vantage points on Fraser Island than Indian Head.

The only rock on the World's largest sand island, Indian Head is credited as being the foundation point behind which Fraser Island formed, with winds and tides carrying sands from south east Australia building
up over millions of years to create
this World Heritage-listed wonder. 

If you haven't got access to a four-wheel drive, or you're not confident driving on Fraser, you can still indulge in a digital detox this summer, by taking a tour with Fraser Explorer Tours or Cool Dingo Tours

When you're ready to reconnect with the world and share your Insta-worthy shots of Fraser Island, you'll find all the comforts of home  (including air-con,phone signal and wifi) at Eurong Beach Resort and Kingfisher Bay Resort- don't forget to #FraserIsland. 

Your best bet for making the most of a trip to Fraser Island

Once you’ve decided to visit Fraser Island, you really can’t lose, but in the spirit of Melbourne Cup Day, we’ve taken a look at the fashion trends and handy tips that can ensure you make your trip to Fraser truly memorable and enjoyable.

Fashions on Fraser: The attire on Fraser Island is more casual and downright “laid-back”. You won’t find any three-piece suits, or ties of any description (unless you’re attending a fabulous Fraser Island wedding) which is a big part of its appeal. 

Fraser Island is the ultimate island destination where you don’t have to “keep up with the Jones’s”, there’s no need for high heels or business shirts, work boots or school uniforms- just relax in whatever feels comfortable and enjoy the feeling of sand between your toes.  

Hats: While Cup Day is traditionally a time for making “statements” when it comes to headgear, on Fraser Island we take a more practical approach. Hats still come in a range of shapes, sizes and colours- you may not see many hats adorned in feathers, but you can find Cool Dingo caps that come complete with dingo ears, and Akubras so cool they’ve gained their own fan base! 

Cool Dingo Tour Guide Davy rocks his Akubra
on Fraser Island
 Spring Carnival: In Victoria, sports fans fill    the month between  the footy Grand Final    and the first International Cricket Test with a  mix of motor sport and racing events- here  on Fraser Island, we host a Spring carnival  all of our own- which includes the annual    “Whale parade” where thousands of  Humpbacks arrive off our shores and put on  an incredible display frolicking in the calm  waters of Hervey Bay. Our famous Fraser Island dingoes are also usually in pup during the September/October months, meaning mums and their litters are taking their first big steps out of the den. Our native trees and flowers come into bloom, filling the island with fabulous colours and offering plenty of tasty treats for the island’s wildlife.

Horsepower: When you holiday on Fraser Island it doesn’t matter whether you know your sprinters from your stayers, but when it comes to getting around the world’s largest sand island horsepower matters. 

With 1500 kilometres of sand tracks, Fraser Island national park is only accessible by 4WD vehicles with a higher level of clearance to navigate around the island. If you don’t own a four-wheel drive, or aren’t comfortable driving around the rugged island tracks, the team at Fraser Explorer Tours and Cool Dingo Tours have got your covered, with their mega 4WD buses- you’ll see all the most amazing spots on Fraser Island and not have to worry about driving!

Champagne pools and lots of bubbles: While the punters on Cup Day sip on glasses of bubbles, Fraser Island has its own answer to the fountains of Moet that won't leave you with a crippling hangover! Located on the northern end of 75 Mile Beach, Fraser Island's natural rock pools at Indian Head bubble and fizz as the waves crash onto the shore

Known as Champagne Pools, these amazing natural spas are one of the best places to take a dip on Fraser. 

Fraser Island’s nightlife: No matter whether you’re camping on the sand dunes, enjoying the creature comforts of a resort hotel room, or nestled amongst the treetops in a self-contained villa or house on Fraser Island, you only have to step outside once the sun goes down to discover that the island has a pretty amazing nightlife full of nocturnal creatures. If you’ve ever wondered what the marine life get up to after dark, or you’re keen to find out where some of the island’s critters are lurking, you can join a ranger fora night walk at Kingfisher Bay Resort.

Of course, if you’re keen to know all the best spots to kick on and enjoy a drink on Fraser, Eurong Beach Resort’s Beach Bar and new-look McKenzie’s Bar are located on the Eastern surf side of Fraser. On the Western side, Kingfisher Bay Resort has four bars and restaurants to suit every age and taste from stunning bush tucker cocktails, sensational food  and an impressive wine list at SeabelleRestaurant, to bubbles at the aptly named Sunset Bar and poolside cocktails at the Sand Bar and Maheno Bar and Restaurant. There’s even a purpose-made bar- The Dingo Bar- for Cool Kids’ on a Cool Dingo Tour.