Fraser Island Day 2 with Lauren and Fiona

GUEST BLOG: And so we continue the great sandy adventures of Lauren and Fiona aboard Cool Dingo Tours on Fraser Island. It's Day 2 in paradise... what's in store!  (August 2012).

Day 2: We woke up the next morning, early (again.. common theme to the trip?), got ready and had a good, hearty traditional big breakfast.

Look at that DIN-GO!
We clambered aboard our 4WD bus, ready for a bumpy journey through the forest (literally, like being on a rollercoaster), before reaching the smooth sands of the 75-mile beach (which is actually nearer to 65 miles..).

When we were on the beach, we spotted a DINGO!! We were really happy to see him as he looked sooo cute, but we had had many a warning about them, so it was nice to see him from the safety of the bus, where we didn't have to worry about having our faces eaten off!!

After stopping to watch the dingo for a little bit, we continued along the beach, going past a dead whale that had been washed ashore and unfortunately hadn't been able to be rescued, so had been left to rot.. we had the option to walk up to it to see it up close. We declined.

Eli Creek is always popular on a sunnday.
We then stopped at Eli Creek: a really picturesque creek running into the sea. Again, it was pretty cold, but we waded in waist-deep to walk all the way along, which was lovely! After our wander along the creek, we then had some time on the beach to just chillax and soak up some more of the sunshine!

Next stop was to see the Maheno Shipwreck, which is one of the biggest and oldest ships that has been wrecked on the island. Very rusty! And it was here that we also saw a whale out in the ocean, which was incredible, as it wasn't that far out to sea so we got a good glimpse of him. However, when we tried to take photos, he just looked like a black speck amongst the waves :(. After watching the whale for a bit, we then headed to tThe Pinnacles to see the different coloured sands there.

After The Pinnacles, we carried on quite a way on the beach until we reached The Champagne Pools - so-called because the waves crashing up on the rocks around the pools are meant to look like bubbling champagne. Unfortunately, no free glass of champagne was involved! They were very pretty though, and we waded in, despite the water being freezing yet again!

Bubbles of fun in The Champagne Pools
From the Champagne Pools, we drove to another part of the beach to have a picnic lunch, before climbing up Indian Head for stunning views. Stunning views combined with somebody's giant writing in the sand: "Get your tits out!"... there's always one!! We also had a great view of the ocean, and managed to spot manta-rays and dolphins. A very good day for animal-spotting.

After a long day, we headed back down the beach (spotting another 2 dingos!) and back into the forest and to our lodges. A few of us hit the resort's jacuzzi (sooo nice) before dinner - Asian night! After dinner, we said our fond farewells to most of the group who were only doing 2 days on the island, and then had an early night as we were knackered from our busy day along with our 'hardcore' partying the night before...

Lauren & Fiona xoxo
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